Otra entrevista a Mike Patton

Por Scott Semegran de quirkee.com, para todo el que la quiera leer.

Mike Patton is a pretty prolific guy. Best known as the lead singer of Faith No More, he has also handled lead vocals for Mr. Bungle, Tomahawk, Fantômas, and a number of solo projects and collaborations. But here and now, he's fronting Peeping Tom (pictured pimping in the white suit), a collaborative effort with the likes of Nora Jones, Kool Keith, Massive Attack, Dan "the Automator" Nakamura, and more.
Six years in the making, this disc contains elements of many of Mike's previous work with his other bands as well as digital beats and some awesome surprises. The song "Kill the DJ" would make a perfect companion to any of the songs on Massive Attack's "Mezzanine" or "100th Window." And hearing Nora Jones utter "The truth kind of hurts, don't it, motherfucker?" will give you goose bumps. According to Ipecac Recording's web site, Mike claims, "I don't listen to the radio, but if I did, this is what I'd want it to sound like. This is my version of pop music. In a way, this is an exercise for me: taking all these things I've learned over the years and putting them into a pop format. I've worked with many people who have said to me, 'oh you have a pop record in you, eventually you'll find it,' and I always laughed at them. I guess I owe them an apology." No apology required. Sometimes pop music needs an outsider to crash the party and mix things up.
According to mtv.com, "Patton said he already has several tracks in the can that didn't fit into the overall theme of the first record — songs he'd worked on with producer Richard Devine and Cypress Hill's DJ Muggs. He also has a lengthy wish list of possible collaborators." Hey Mike? How about Jack Dangers from Meat Beat Manifesto as a collaborator? Or Danger Mouse? Now that would be cool. I'm already jonesing to see what he pulls out of his hat next. The next Peeping Tom offering will probably come out in 2007.
Somewhere in Mike's busy schedule, he agreed to grace our web pages and answer our 20 Questions. Here's what he had to say.

Q: Best cure for a hangover?
Red Bull and horse semen

Q: Our universe: a coincidence or God’s master plan?
Neither. It is something L Ron
Hubbard created.

Q: Who inspires you right now?
Sigur Ros

Q: Better MC: Chuck D or Q-Tip?
Chuck D..... or Lil Romeo

Q: Squeeze me macaroni?
No thanks.

Q: Is the internet the new frontier for musicians?
No, it is the last frontier for wasting time and sucking the life out of an artist.

Q: What is your favorite movie of all time?
Big Momma's House 2

Q: Philosophy to live by?
Whistle while you work or Ass, grass or gas....nobody rides for free!

Q: What is sexy to you?
Danny Devito

Q: What would the manager from your first job say about you?
He was HOT!!!

Q: Tell us about your first gig? Pathetic? Amazing?

Q: What’s more important: girth or length?
Wait a minute! I thought size didn't matter!!!!!!

Q: What’s your favorite personal defect?
My food addiction.

Q: Where do you go to find new music?
To my recording studio.

Q: Veggie burger with a side of steamed broccoli or meat lover’s pizza with extra meat?
Screw the Veggie burger! Gimme raw meat!!!

Q: Shouldthe U.S. stay in Iraq or get the hell out?
We got bigger problems, like Florida!

Q: Dave Grohl once said that he never gets tired of being asked about Nirvana? How do you feel about being asked about your old bands?
That is odd. I never get asked about Nirvana. I guess people just don't care about me. I do get asked about the Foo Fighters all the time. I got asked about Scream once and Probot a couple times too. Actually I have even been asked about Queens of the Stone Age, but never Nirvana. Hmmmm.

Q: What is the meaning of life?
That is a better question for Dave Grohl.

Q: If you could be reincarnated, what would you
like to come back as? A rock star!

Q: Would you boink Madonna?
NO!!!!!! That dude is soooo not hot.


patton dijo…
jajaj, excelente. Me encantó la de "Where do you go to find new music?". Y las de Nirvana.

Debe ser una pesadilla para un periodista el simple hecho de pensar en entrevistar a este man.
"That is a better
question for Dave Grohl" -Juajuajua!
Si. Quien entreviste a Mike Patton debe estar dispuesto a quedarse corto.
Y lo más gracioso es que los periodistas no han dejado el vicio de hacerle comentarios sobre otras bandas, desde que hizo esa famosísima declaración sobre The Who.
Saludos don patton.

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